Posted by: Joan Spiller | September 9, 2012

Happy Anniversary

I was going through some old photos and got to thinking about how Mum would have been feeling right now – on her wedding day. A mixture of excitement, nerves and who knows what else! 

Today would be their 48th wedding anniversary.  And for all I struggle with recent events following Mum’s death, I know Mum and Dad were happy and that’s more than a lot of people can say.

In this pic, left to right is Mum’s oldest brother Clem and his wife (I think Ria?) Dad, Mum, Uncle Pete and his wife Val. And the pic is taken in the Napier botanical gardens circa the mid 1960’s.

Miss you, Mum xo



  1. Good memories are the best. Take care thinking of you..


  2. It was so good to meet and know your mum and I have no doubt about her happiness in that marriage. She was a special lady!


  3. Lovely memory. I can see so much of your Mum in you 🙂


  4. Beautiful! They both look very happy Joan.


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