Posted by: Joan Spiller | September 28, 2012

Happy Birthday, Catherine Spiller

Most of you will know that CJ was not a planned baby .. how well I recall the day I was told ‘officially’ (I already knew – but the Doc insisted on tests) that I was “with child”. This lovely med-lab person says to me (all excited) “ooooh well done you’re pregnant!” beaming from ear to ear ..

I promptly burst into tears and that poor man is probably still in therapy wondering what he did wrong 😉

The shock of being told I was pregnant was something I well recall, even all these years later. Deep down I knew I’d be a single Mother at some stage, for all it was some years before I ended my marriage. That was a pretty daunting idea. Raising a child alone.

As well, I’d been told not to have babies, (for many a year – by doctors) since I’d been on death’s door during the my teens and they felt I’d have a sickly child.

That said, knowing I was growing a whole new human, I set to spending the next 9-months of my life being the best incubator that I could.

I drank herb teas (gag) and didn’t drink a drop of alcohol or coffee (I KNOW!) I did positive affirmations (Make this baby “healthy, wealthy, beautiful and wise” .. I was young, I MAY have changed them were I tad more wise myself but it’s where I was then!) daily.

I took all the right supplements and assorted potions to assist in the creation of something healthy, wise, beautiful and .. CJ.

All through the pregnancy I was assured it was a boy. The scan (technology was a little less accurate 24yrs ago, it would seem!) even said “Boy“. And so I carried this boy baby to full term, for all I never once called “it” a boy, instead calling it a baby.

A healthy, wealthy and beautifully wise baby 😉 

And 24yrs on, I can still recall the moment the doctor handed “him” to me .. I lay there, exhausted .. looking at this baby with a slightly confused “there’s something missing” thing going on. Then it dawned on me.

I’d had me a baby girl!

And may we all say YAY for that baby girl .. for there is no doubt that CJ has proved to be something beyond special in my world. I won’t go into more detail for now, suffice to say, it’s the eve of her arrival into my world, as I type this.

One day I will blog about how horrid, scary and painful and plain weird her birth was but for now I hope you enjoy these two pics.

One of my Mother holding CJ SO protectively (nothing ever changed there lol) in the hospital..

And me a week or so later holding CJ as she (apparently had gas but shhh humour me) smiled JUST as Dad happened to be hovering with his camera..

Happy 24th birthday CJ

Thank you for choosing  me of all people, to be your Mother. It’s an honour. And I love you more than I can ever ever express. You are, quite simply: the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.

And below, is the link to a song that always makes me think of CJ whenever I hear it.

xo Mum



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  4. 24 years! Wow! Amazing 🙂 And thank you for sharing your beautiful story!


    • Thank you for the comment, yeah 24yrs ago – feels like 4!! Time does fly when you have fun 🙂


  5. Wow 24 how awesome has those 24 years been great work Joan she is a product of a wonderful Mum 🙂


    • Thanks Ree, she isn’t too bad huh. Must be all those good hours spent at KC 😉


  6. Beautifully said and happy birthday to CJ 🙂


  7. You did good Joan…………make that excellent!!


    • LOL I think I did, didn’t I James! 🙂


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