Posted by: Joan Spiller | October 22, 2012

Goat cheese, basil & tomato tarts – Recipe

Goat cheese is a much-maligned cheese. People have obviously had nasty ones but let me assure you – the good ones are gorgeous! Soft, melt in the mouth, tangy but not sour / tart – it is quite delicious.

Combined with the right things it is better than delicious, as I discovered with these nommy tarts I made yesterday.

All you need is sufficient flaky pastry to line greased tart tins (of whatever size, in my case individual serves) chuck in a few crumbled (ie small) chunks of the cheese.

Add shredded basil leaves.

Diced tomatoes, (seeds removed) and lots of black pepper, no salt needed.

Combine free range eggs (basic ratio: 1 egg, 1T cream to one single serve tart shell) with cream and seasonings.

Pour into pastry cases.

Bake til set. Which is some 30 mins for single serves, at 200 degs C. If unsure, bake til they wobble slightly but are not hard. They will firm up as they cool.

These are good hot or cold and I would serve with a nice green salad on top – Nom!


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