Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 16, 2013

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Prepping dinner the other day I found myself pondering whether life is too short to julienne carrots .. You see, when CJ was a little girl she was introduced to this style of carrot-consumption and ever since, has refused to eat them any other way!


Now before you all mutter about spoilt brats, to be fair: it’s the only way I like them too – which is why she was introduced to them in the first place 😉

This line of thought did make me start to ponder (one has the luxury of time when engaging in OCD julienning of carrots for 7!) what else I did that took time but was not worthwhile. Doesn’t hurt to stop and take stock now and then!

Recently, I’ve said to more than one person that I do not believe they will be one day on their death beds proclaiming that they wish they’d done more dusting. And I maintain that!

Other more talented orators have said how much they regret some of their life choices as their lives neared an end. Generally, these are mothers who tried to be perfect housewives, Mums and wives. Recipe for stress if ever there were one?

Regret is a terrible thing to feel. Of course, we all have some, for all we can try and turn them into experiences and lessons etc, regret is linked to living, it seems.

I do know there are a few things I will not regret when I die:

Running out of time to vaccuum this evening.. meh – running out of time to vaccuum on any evening! Sure I love it when the floor is spotlessly clean. But I also love it when my dogs run in from outside and play with their toys. I am happy to concede in this case I cannot have it all. The floor cleaning can wait ..

Having manky bits of chewed up god-knows-what (courtesy of the dogs, birds, pigs, rats and cats) on my lounge floor when I had unexpected visitors – If you wanted perfection, you should have given me 3 weeks notice by golly!

Finding unexplained decaying ‘objects’ in the depths of my fridge. I have a large fridge because I love to cook and feed people, so the fridge is always groaning with food. If occasionally a slice of pie or who-knows-what happens to loiter for a few months til I move a chutney and there it is in all its gory – so what!

Forgetting to go to the gym every day, instead going to the cafe next door and having a yummy coffee! 😉

Laughing ‘a little too often’* at the office. I know that my approach to work vexes some people but you know what? I take my job seriously, not myself. Don’t think just because I enjoy a laugh, have a water pistol on my desk and can always be relied upon to go for a coffee when someone needs a vent, that I am not dead serious about what I’m tasked with doing.

I will most certainly not regret being unable to multi task well. This has to be the stupidest thing to be proud of. Well done you, you’ve just doubled your work load .. duh!

Another thing I doubt I will find myself wishing I’d done more of is cleaning my car. It’s a dog kennel / shopping basket on wheels. I drive hundreds of miles in any given week, to and from work. And on my way to work I buy coffees and sometimes Mac-attacks and yes: the wrappers are often to be found lurking in the backseat. Car still goes though! 😉

Many many years ago now I read “don’t sweat the small stuff” and it completely changed my life. I realised that a lot of the stuff I stressed over, thought was important and allowed to rule (and ruin, at times!) my life really did not matter..

And that is when I started to live my life the way I wanted, with the goal of being happy very high on my list of ‘important stuff’ to experience / be. If you haven’t read it, I really recommend it ..

Meantime, I better go back to doing the vacuuming .. or maybe I will go walk the dogs 😉


*by other people’s definition, not mine!



  1. You have a way with words and this I like. A lesson more should heed to perhaps


    • Agree, Tanya – a good lesson to learn isn’t it 🙂


  2. AMEN, so true, well said, love it! 🙂


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