Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 19, 2013

Bangers & Mash – Recipe

I love serving best quality golden brown snarlers perched high atop a mountain of mashed veges all slathered in a rich brown onion gravy. Makes Winter almost worthwhile!

It’s also really simple and even the most finicketty of eaters goes “oh that was yum” for all they may raise one eye brow at it to start with. I’ve got many converts to this dish so try it and let me know what you think..

To serve 4 hearty meals you will need:

12 sausages. Any “flavour”, tomorrow I am making this with free range pork sausages. I’ve used beef many times too.

A large pot of your fave gravy – mine is brown onion as I find the slow cooking (til they’re almost burnt looking) of the onions just adds so much flavour to the meal. I’d allow 1/3c for each plate of food.

And lucky last: a large pot of your fave mixed mashed up vegetables.

THIS is where it gets down to personal choice but I would recommend 2 parts potatoes, 1 part kumara / pumpkin (either or both), 1 part carrot, 1 part greens (Silverbeet, finely sliced is so cheap and delish) and 1 leek or onion.

Parsnip overpowers the dish, so use it sparingly if you want it. Cauli, Cabbage and Brocolli make the whole thing a bit “smelly” so I don’t tend to go there 😉

If using an onion, just chop it up and chuck it in with the veges then boil all together til tender.  (I saute the leek in a little butter then add it to the mash last)  Drain well and mash with lots of salt, pepper and butter.

Spoon into a mound on warmed plates. Top with the fried sausages and finish with gravy ..

It’s filling, so if you have a small appetite, use less or smaller sized sausages. Oh and for the vegetarians, see below – these are my fave snag substitute for this meal!

I like to serve this with fresh buttered white bread to mop up the gravy.
All class here 😉




  1. I have missed your posts. Love your style of writing. I met you at social cooking in Wellington last year and loved your personality and have followed your blog ever since. Would love to here about/see the dog you rescued.


    • Hey Christine! Lovely to hear from you again.. And thanks for the kind words. I’ve been a bit distracted this last year and my blog has fallen by the wayside but I am on a mission to bring it up to date and that will include tales of the mongrel mob (I have more than one dog now lol!) and how fabulously happy Roxy (the stray I found) is .. watch this space 🙂


  2. Very similar to something I make often. I don’t usually do the gravy, but I know I’d love it if I did!


    • Linne, do you do it with another sauce or just plain? I also do a heavy cheese sauce (ie thick) with chunks of veges that is just deeeelish ..


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