Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 24, 2013

An update on the abused dog I found

I love this little mongrel more than I can explain. Some of you will recall when I found her, a year or so ago  well, to say she is settled in would be an understatement. Loved by everyone who meets her, Roxy has managed to totally adapt to being a cherished member of the family as opposed to who knows what horrors she knew prior to my snatching her off the road that day 😦

This (below) is what she looked like one day 1 of having her in my world: (note the massively dilated pupils? She was so scared) 😦

Puppy day 1.

This was a few weeks later, I love how she now seeks fun and happiness. Possibly for the first time ever in her short life..


A reminder (it has not grown over, so it’s a forever reminder) of her horrible existance before I took her in:

Raw neck

She does so love her bed, and I love that she can totally relax and know she’ s safe here!


Scoffing mascarpone .. cos she can 😉


Hanging with new friends. She is so sweet, everyone just adores here.. except her previous asshole owners of course grrr


And one of my fave pics: How is this for relaxed happy pooch?


Tis fair to say that Roxy has possibly been put on this planet to teach me a few lessons, I’ve never had a damaged dog before. And it is quite different to dealing with a “normal” loved pet. But gosh it’s rewarding!

And a particularly sweet pic  – Roxy and Hootie waiting to go outside.  Hootie was killed a few months later by someone’s dog and for me, whilst the worst thing I’ve witnessed in a long time, it’s made me appreciate what a sweet nature Roxy has.. To still be kind and sweet after the abuse of her early days.. Wow!

And how she loved Hootie did we all 😦


As I write this, Roxy is asleep in front of the fire, cuddled up to Remy the dobermann.

And life is good.
For us all 🙂



  1. Thanks for the update – she looks so happy and healthy. She is one lucky dog and you too are lucky to have her. We have a little Jack Russell whom we adore.


    • JRT’s are cute but hard work I’m told? I have to confess to more being a crazy cat lady than dog lady but Roxy is converting me big time 🙂


  2. A touching story Joan. You have a heart for animals!


    • Thanks .. I think some times animals are far simpler creatures to deal with James 🙂


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