Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 26, 2013

Quick & Easy pastry roll ups – Recipe

These are so simple to make – I make a big batch, throw them in my freezer and am able to serve a tasty treat within 30 minutes, should I feel the need. Great for unexpected visitors or just because you want some for yourself! A little spicy, salty and cheesy – they’re really good with champagne. Hmm what isn’t? 😉

All you need is a packet of flaky pastry sheets, some jalapenos or even a jar of sambal will suffice. 1 small red onion. A tablespoon of your fave chutney per slice of pastry. And at the most, 150g of any cheese, I used edam this time and it was delish.

Thaw the pastry sheets on their plastic as per the pictures. Whilst they’re thawing, prep your ingredients. Finely dice the onion, jalapenos and grate the cheese.

Smear a spoonful of the chutney (hot is better than sweet, fyi – more on that later) around each sheet, scatter the ingredients evenly around the pastry, season with a little salt and pepper. Roll up and freeze.

Really, it is that simple!

When you want to eat them, simply remove from the freezer, while your oven is preheating to 200 degs, they’ll thaw enough for you to slice. Arrange on a greased metal tray and bake til golden.


Don’t go crazy with the filling it just spills out and is wasted.

Don’t cut them too thin or thick, a cm wide is ideal.

Do place in a sealed container once they’re frozen solid. To prevent freezer burnt ends.

Do experiment with flavours. I’ve made these ones below with basil pesto, tomato chill jam, sambal and tomato chutney (so four different ‘sauces”) with the same toppings otherwise. My fave was the sambal and tomato ones. The others were nice but .. not sure I’d make them again.


4 different flavoured rolls being made


Use the plastic that the pastry comes in, it saves baking paper 😉


Simply roll up or make into palmiers if you prefer.


An example of just plain rolled. Nice and simple.


Note I don’t put too much filling in ..

And the finished product below:


Serve hot / immediately.


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