Posted by: Joan Spiller | June 2, 2013

Introducing – Archie & Bella

Some weeks ago I met a lovely couple who needed to find a home for 2 cows, as their property didn’t provide sufficient feed for them over Winter.


Which explains why I was standing shivering in the ranges above Palmerston North at 9am today – supposedly helping (but mostly leaping out of the way!) to get Archie and Bella into the horse float so they could come live at my place..

As a kid, living on a lifestyle property in Hawke’s Bay I had jersey cows. Betsy & Cissy. I must find a pic but anyway they were adorable – however highland cattle have always been a beast that made me go “awwww so cool”.

So this is a dream come true on so many levels. Not the least cos they will keep the grass down.. But also cos they are just so adorable..

The paddock I have them in now is quite close to the house (i.e: a few metres) so all afternoon I have been cooking and Archie (Bella not so much) has been watching me any time he was near the fence. Refer earlier: SO cute comment!

NOT so cute was the battle to get Archie here .. Bella was a little more docile ..

Check out her arrival here: 

But yeah .. Archie – not so good ..  For all we got there in the end..

This video is when he arrives and they meet up again .. in tummy-high grass!

Love how happy they were to be reunited!  Or was Archie just happy cos of the long grass? 😉

Here we are “on the move”..

The dogs barking in the background? Yeah mine .. sigh .. not helpful lol but I figured they needed to be around / involved, as we’re all gonna be ‘house’ (property) mates..

Like I said, so cute but kinda scary too!

Archie was totally unsure which way was up / front / back as he went into the trailer! And if you are on my facebook you saw the impressive jump for freedom made part way through this process ..

But he was angelic once finally in the truck / on the road (thank goodness!)

I can imagine giving up these two gorgeous beasts was hard to do as they are so sweet, but on a plus note: it’s only a 15 min drive so they can visit any time AND they can rest easy knowing a life time vego has their babies and that the two of them can live out the next “however-long” happily, with 0 risk of anything more than their ‘babies’ being over-fed!



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  2. Joan I am impressed … but when do they know they’ve eaten enough grass …?! Sounds like a very good life ahead of them …


  3. Archie is massive! How exciting


    • he is HUGE isn’t he.. Gentle giant though. He came up for a nose scratch this morning. Biggest thing is to be aware he could shake his head and take your head off lol


  4. Oh, my god, they are beautiful!!! I love highland cattle… am jealous.


    • LOL I love them too – they’re just so cute aren’t they!


      • Utterly lol. I was talking to one across a fence a couple of months ago I came across on the way to a river…was just mesmerised by it really….just something about them.


      • Anytime you’re up this way, come visit! I had to chuckle yesterday, a car pulled into the driveway so they could take a picture! Celeb-cows! 🙂


      • Would love to….:) That’s cute, they’ll be a talking point for many I’m sure.


      • Yeah we do seem to be attracting attn without even trying lol


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