Posted by: Joan Spiller | June 11, 2013

Beetroot & Goat cheese tart – Recipe

Juicy slow-roasted beetroot nestled into tangy soft goat cheese.. atop a bed of caramelised onions (with a hint of thyme from my garden), a drizzle of balsamic plus a heaping of fresh ground black pepper ..

If that sounds good, then do I have the meal for you!

I really like beetroot but do not eat it that often for no other reason than I just don’t think of it .. Growing up we’d have “pickle-a-thons” where friends and families would come to our place and we’d set up an outdoor beetroot picklery (Hmm is that a word?) 😉

Imagine open fires, HUGE cauldrons filled with eye watering mixtures of vinegar, brown sugar and spices. These would be on the boil all day as we would prep and then peel / slice and bottle the annual supply of beetroot. Us kids generally got in the way, had foot fights and probably were of limited value but it is a fond Summer memory that just came to mind as I typed this..

But back to the tart I want to tell you about, this is how it turned out:


And this is what I did to get us there:


On my home made buttery short pastry rolled as thiiiiiin as I could get it (I actually put it back in the fridge during the rolling out period – totally felt like a chef creating a masterpiece lol) I piled chilled caramelised onions on the pastry.

Don’t forget to grease the tray ..


Then I put the roughly chunked up roasted (cold now) beetroot on top. This dish did require a bit of patience and prep work but the finishing off was super simple (as was the eating!)


Then an entire packet (extravaganza but shhh!) of goat cheese was dobbed about the lot..


Before being wrapped up and around like the pic above. I also brushed it with egg wash. This acts as glue but also glazes it so it looks nice once baked..

Cook in a pre heated oven at 200 degs. Til it’s deliciously golden.. would be around 20 mins methinks but I didn’t time it – doh!

Now like I said, when I started out with this idea I was literally making it up as I went along .. all sparked by seeing cheap beetroot in the shops on the weekend! For more on the method read on..

What I did was slow roast the beetroot in a little oil, salt and pepper. By slow I mean I cooked it on a lowish heat for a longish time.. No colour was required, I just wanted the sugars to do their thing and kinda caramelise the beetroot.

At the same time, I caramelised a heap of onions. This is simple but requires patience: Cut 6 large white onions into rings and chuck in a fry pan with some oil. Season. Then let them do their thing, don’t stir, don’t add or do anything – just leave them alone on a low heat.

A couple of hours later, you have a pile of melted onions and they will be sweet and juicy. At this stage add thyme leaves if you have any .. no biggie if you don’t, I just love thyme!

Before baking, I drizzled extra virgin olive oil on the lot and grated some fresh black pepper too but no salt, as all the other elements were seasoned but also goat cheese is salty enough ..

A word on goat cheese: I know a lot of people loathe this type of cheese. And I  was once one of ’em! UNTIL I tried this gorgeous white, NON smelly, fresh soft goat cheese. Readily available in NZ it comes either ash coated or not – today I used the ash coated one but only cos it’s what I had in the fridge.

It costs around $10 for a 120g packet so it’s not cheap but as a special ingredient in a dish, well worth it. In this case my $10 cheese (in the pie) will serve 4 meals so not bad value for money!

Meh who am I kidding, CJ and I would scoff it right from the packet if we thought no one was watching 😉

And that is my beetroot and goat cheese rustic tart recipe .. could well become a fave too cos BOY it was tasty!

Enjoy 🙂



  1. […] this case all I did was use the peelings of 6 beetroot after I’d made a beetroot tart .. (Obviously I washed them first) and boiled them in 2L cold water with an onion (didn’t […]


  2. I really like this. I know I would love it! Great recipe.


  3. Love anything to do with caramelised onions. And only recently tried goats cheese, which was surprisingly mild. Like you I like beets but hardly ever eat them. Going to have to change that during summer.


  4. Looks beautiful, Joan! And about the goat cheese, I’ve been goat cheese like that because it’s super creamy and tangy. No judgement from this eater 🙂


  5. Looks divine.


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