Posted by: Joan Spiller | June 15, 2013

Stuff I love about my new home

Whichever window I look out I see something that makes me smile. For example from the lounge windows I see Archie & Bella contentedly munching out in the paddocks. With their horse friends never far away.


From my kitchen windows I can see the sun rising prettily from behind the poplars and pines that line the property.


From my dining room window I can see the paddock I’ve set aside to have my hens in (see below) I can’t wait til I can sit and watch them toodle about in their new digs. And lay eggs for me and CJ to eat!


I love that the dogs roam free, romp in the paddocks and can BE dogs. For all they seem to wanna be humans .. ! 

Dogs and mushrooms

My cats – barring the hideous incident with Hootie when we first moved here – are happy and content. With multiple sunny spots to nap and paddocks to roam. For some reason they seem totally relaxed here, even to the point of cuddling with the dogs. It’s like there’s a sense of peace here that they pick up on. And I love it..


It’s a place where I can grow. Not just a few veges but in myself too. A place where I will no doubt learn a lot along the way. Sure, I will cock a few things up but it’s all part of the fun of learning new skills.

And very importantly, it’s a place where CJ is able to live and study, in order to fulfil her goal of becoming a vet.  Everyone seems to feel we’re meant to struggle in life and I’m assured I should have just let her come to Palmy and be broke and miserable whilst attempting what is going to be one of the biggest challenges in her life.

CJ scrubs

But ya know what?

I am more in favour of using the resources I have to help her now rather than leaving it to her when I die. Cos all going to plan, both she AND I will be very old when that happens, so why not help her out now when she needs it more. Just makes sense to me.

Now before you all think I have this dream life – don’t get me wrong, there’s a heap of things about this new place that I HATE..

I hate that I have a vile kitchen. I hate that I have to wash dishes in the laundry tub. I hate that I am sleeping in the spare room cos the master bedroom needs painting. I hate that half my kitchen is in cardboard boxes in my dining room because the kitchen has no cupboard space. I also hate the dining room cos it has what can only be described as “crazy” walls..


I mean COME ON – what were they smoking??

I hate that the shower is akin to an upright coffin, claustrophobia, anyone? I hate that Hootie got killed here in my first few days – very much tarnishing the way I regard my kitchen (where it happened).

I hate that I have to be patient and not get everything I want done right NOW!

But the stuff I love far out weighs the stuff that I hate –  so the way I see it – long as the equation remains that way I think we’re good 😉



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  2. Loved reading this. Sounds like you are in a good place, looks like it too! 🙂


    • Yeah we love it here .. all of us (least I think CJ does lol)


  3. I don’t think you ever told me about Hootie getting killed? How and what happened there in the kitchen? Knowing how you feel about your pets, I hurt for you.


    • I will email you James, it was dreadful 😦


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