Posted by: Joan Spiller | June 18, 2013

Exciting baby news!

Most of you by now have realised that I am a crazy cat lady yes? Well you are wrong. So there! I am just plain crazy.

NO wait, I am just crazy – about animals .. let’s roll with that sort of crazy 😉

For all that I love to take in rescues / animals that need a home and have done so all my life (youngest heist uh, I mean rescue that I recall is a bit of a story in itself .. must remember to note it down one day) .. I am also mindful of the fact that dogs are hard wired to chase and hunt and so getting a pup is a wise idea since I’m wanting hens and other critters .. And wanting them to be safe!

And so it is that I’ve just now put a deposit on the latest addition to my menagerie – a german shepherd. I am SO excited I can barely type!

Attached is a pic of one of her parents. She is as yet unborn, due any day now. Roll on 9 weeks from now when I can go collect her ..

Meantime I have to purchase a crate, steal a duvet off someone for her bedding, stock up on food, a new leash and some chew toys.. How exciting!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH is it the end of August yet??

1st PD Wgtn 2010 resized small



  1. Nice looking mama, there! You’ll have fun, I’m sure! ~ Linne


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