Posted by: Joan Spiller | June 21, 2013


My baby was born yesterday. Here is a pic of Mum and her 6 babies .. isn’t she clever? I just love the beautiful elegance of german shepherds. OK and they’re damn fine guard dogs too 😉


I suspect this may turn into a bit of a dog-hog-blog for awhile sorry folks ..

A perfectly timed birth, I will be able to collect her the week I finish my contract in Wellington.. and as I am planning on having the rest of the year off I can spend it training and enjoying her 🙂 All very exciting – the 8 week wait is going to be loooong – gah! But on a plus note, it gives me time to think of a neat name for her – any ideas gratefully accepted!



  1. How exciting for you! You are going to have the rest of the year off? That sounds good 🙂 Molly would be my favourite doggy name, we had a beautiful border collie called Molly. I adore dogs, I am sure you will come to love her big bits 🙂


  2. I’m kind of bad at naming animals, but I do wish the new mom congrats!


  3. To suggest a name we need to know male or female!


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