Posted by: Joan Spiller | August 16, 2013

Apple, ginger & Sultana muffins – Recipe

Muffins are something I have baked literally thousands of. CJ would always have one in her lunch each day as a kid. (I’d bake a big batch, freeze them & pop 1 in her lunchbox so it thawed thru the day AND acted as a cooling device for the rest of her lunch) so I tend to be fairly blase in my approach. Hiff a bit of that or the other in and hope for the best. And generally it works out well.. Not always but we won’t talk about those times today!

This particular batch were gorgeous so I thought I’d share.

I had about a cup of plain (cooked) unsweetened apple slices leftover for some reason. I put the apples in a pot with a tiny (1T) bit of water, some cloves, ginger and cinnamon, some sultanas (but these could be left out if you’re not a dried fruit fan like I am) and a knob of butter. Lid on, I heated the lot thru and left it to go cold. No real reason to heat them – if you wanted to omit that stage I doubt it will matter. I just think the flavours meld better somehow?

Now whip up a basic muffin batter:


80g soft butter
1/2c sugar (I used brown in this case but any would do)


2 eggs
3T milk
1tsp vanilla extract

Beat til combined (I just use a wooden spoon)

Add the apple mixture then sift in 2c self raising flour or 2 cups plain white flour with 2t baking powder. A pinch of salt and 1t each of cinnamon and ginger pdr.

Gently fold the dry into the wet, being careful not to over-mix. A few lumpy bits and some flour visible is a good thing when it comes to muffin batters I’ve found.

Spoon equal amounts into paper cases set in patty tins and bake in a pre-heated oven at 175deg til cooked, approx 10-12 mins depends on your oven.

They’re great just like that or you could sprinkle them with a mix of spices and sugar then bake ..

Other things I’d recommend doing is to chuck some finely sliced crystallised ginger into the batter. That would be heavenly .. and a handful of pecans would take these to another level of yum!  You could substitute apple for pears, peaches, anything really. Just play around with it – super simple and great for snacks in the car or a speedy morning tea when you have little notice to whip something up!



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