Posted by: Joan Spiller | September 5, 2013

Cleansing diet – Day 1

Thinking about this whole ‘blog about your diet’ thing, I worked out why people do it. It’s something to do when you really wanna be having a donut & coffee 😉

Many years ago I was afflicted with itchy spots .. for several years. First I put up with them, thinking they’d go away. Finally, I sought medical help.  My GP had NO idea what it was. Initial thoughts were it was a form of shingles. Maybe chicken pox. Maybe an allergic reaction to my laundry powder. Really, they had no idea and a raft of drugs and treatments left me out of pocket but still spotty, sore and itchy! Even skin specialists at Bowen Hospital drew a blank.

The spots range in size from tiny to the size of a 50c coin. And they itch SO badly that I would wake up frantically raking my nails across my body, every day my sheets would be covered in blood. I couldn’t wear white tops in case I had a sneaky scratch and blood showed thru, it was truly hideous. The worst of them were on my arms, thighs and back. Disfiguring and distressing.

Eventually I decided to seek alternative treatment. 

Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t like doctors, I don’t tend to run off to see a quack any time I’m sick. I moan and bitch. I self medicate (Champagne cures all that ails ye!) and try to just get the heck over myself. So being afflicted by a long term thing like this did my head in..

Anyone who knows me ALSO knows I don’t really like alternative treatments. So much of it is plain hocus pocus. I believe some is good but there’s an awful lot of mumbo jumbo out there too. So I tend to shy away from both!

However, I was SO grateful to Alison when she diagnosed accurately what was wrong and then helped me get rid of them.. Actually, that isn’t entirely true .. I was not grateful until well after though because the cure was a total change in diet. And when I say total, I mean radical..

She told me to cut out sugar, vinegar, coffee, eggs, tomatoes, fruit and yeast from my diet. Dairy was something she said I should at least cut back, if not eliminate.

That meant no morning coffee. No buttery toast. No eggs on toast. No tomatoes on toast. No alcohol.. No NOTHING basically! LOL

Til you’re unable to have something like sugar, yeast or vinegar, it’s fair you do not realise how many things one or all of these 3 things are IN! I well recall standing in front of my well stocked pantry crying because I couldn’t think of a single delicious thing to make. It was hell. No two ways about it.

I had withdrawal headaches from lack of coffee, I had the shakes. I felt nauseated all the time and I was hungry. That was by 6am on day 1!! Okay, I’m exaggerating there but the side effects as I kicked this change of diet off, well .. they were not nice.

Like I said though, the spots healed and within 2 months I was scarred but not itchy and sore. It was fabulous!

The theory was after 21 or more days, I could reintroduce these items back into my diet, gradually and see what happened. I was very well behaved and did exactly as instructed.. and slowly but surely was able to eat all those things again without any spots reappearing! Yay!

Fast forward 5 or more years though and I am about to embark on the same cleanse diet again cos – wait for it – yep, the spots are back 😦 They have been for some time now. I dunno why I didn’t make the connection.. when the doctors said I had shingles earlier this year I believed them.. stress related shingles they said. Take these pills (I didn’t, I never do lol) they said ..

ANYWAY, it dawned on me what the problem was as I sat down to my hangover cure brunch of coffee, tomatoes & eggs on toast a few weeks ago 😉

So, here we go .. it’s Day 1.

In order to make this a little less traumatic, I’ve done some menu planning – that will be the key to not standing crying in my kitchen each meal time. Of course, I will still get the headaches, shakes and other symptoms as my body deals to the cleanse. But the end result will be worth it..

That’s what I have to hang on to as I sit here nursing a thumping headache, at 9.15am. Approx. 4 hours after I’d normally have had a 3 shot coffee!

Wish me luck, it’s going to be a looooong few weeks.

And if anyone has any nice (there’s the kicker!) recipes that do not contain sugar, vinegar, coffee, dairy, eggs, tomatoes, fruit and yeast please share!



  1. I have been looking trying a juicing fast for a wee while. I have Fibro and it’s been really bad so will give that a go. A drag about the spots, that sounds horrible.. I hate doctors too lol, I have to be verrry sick for a doctor.
    Coffee is just so hard to give up, I do struggle with that!


    • Ah Fibro is horrible, yuck not good for you. What dietary changes help that? My all time fave juice is 2 granny smith apples, a one inch chunk of fresh ginger, 1 lemon (skin and all) and 3 carrots. Heavenly!

      By this time tomorrow I will be ready to mob someone for a coffee, methinks 😉


      • Oooh, that sounds really nice, will try it thank you 🙂
        No, fibro isn’t nice, it’s s… lol. I eat very little gluten but am thinking of trying no dairy for a while. I love coffee made with just boiling milk and thinking that could be the problem.
        Yep, I imagine you will be 🙂


      • I COULD go with a long black (as it’s dairy I am meant to avoid) but like you – I love milky coffee so it’s just easier in a way to go without. In about 10 days I will feel smug and self righteous .. assuming I make it lol

        Gluten free diets are horribly hard work!! I experimented with some for awhile as my Granddad was GF and found it a real challenge. Enjoy the juice! I can’t even have juice cos it’s too sugary (albeit good sugars, for me no sugar is good at the moment, boo!)


      • Well, lol, lets see how we both go!! Hopefully your spots will go and I will be running rather than hobbling and able to stay up after 7 pm like other big people do!!
        Yes, GF can be a pain, I struggled with that years ago but find now I don’t really need bread, baking etc. Even when I bake for hubby I rarely eat it.
        No juice would do me hard, I love fruit.


      • I have a wicked confession to make – I don’t care for fruit, which is odd cos I LOVE it once or twice a year then could take or leave it. I use a lot of citrus and bake with fruit a lot but rarely will eat “plain” fruit. Naughty, huh! Exceptions are berries of any kind and pears. I adore those! Hobbling sounds horrible, we can be “cleanse” buddies and celebrate your staying up late and running amok in a few weeks time I hope 🙂


      • Nah, not naughty 🙂 Each to their own. I could live on fruit, nuts and veges I think – with occasional chocolate, coffee, wine and steamed puddings 🙂 🙂
        Now, that sounds good, been a long time since I was able to run amok and how I wish I could lol, I only last 3 minutes of attempts nowadays!!


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