Posted by: Joan Spiller | September 6, 2013

Cleansing diet – Day 2

Day 1. Survived remarkably well .. But day 2 – only bloody just!

The “cleanse” headache is horrid. I’ve felt like my head was going to drop off my neck, as though it was too heavy to hold up. I woke with it and it’s hung about all day. Will be a combination of caffeine and sugar withdrawals. As I wrap up day 2, heading into day 3, I hope it improves .. soon!

Everyone says the key to any diet is planning and preparation. So, like I said yesterday – I had made up a menu and it helped, a bit.

A bit more on the deal with this particular “diet” or cleanse as it is .. just so it makes sense: In a nutshell, I’m yeast intolerant. Not allergic per se, but intolerant to it. So when it reaches this point, I need to starve the yeast – to kill it off and then the spots will go away. Sugar feeds yeast, that’s why no fruit or sugar is permitted. . And any obvious fungus things are forbidden ie mushrooms, vinegar etc

And seriously, til you read labels, you don’t realise how much sugar is in every day items! I can’t even have my usual mayo as it has sugar and vinegar in it. Luckily, I know how to make yummy vinaigrettes with lemon juice, herbs and olive oil!

I have to say the hardest thing to cut out is probably bread as it forms so parts of many of my meals. Be it toast for breakfast, sandwiches or as a side with soup.

Next hardest to cut out is sugar. Whilst I don’t use a lot of sugar, the things it’s added to do make it harder .. A wrap (yeast free) filled with salad (no tomatoes tho, and low GI veges only – so the dry factor is high!) and no mayo .. is about as appealing as it sounds 😉

Coffee is in a category of its own. I can handle giving up wine more easily than coffee lol But the end goal is what matters here, so I shall stick it out.

Yesterday was good and bad .. I nibbled on 3 small scones thru the morning as my breakfast and lunch. I used some of my vege off cuts to make some stock to use in my risotto for dinner. And without even THINKING I added a half a bottle of white wine to the mix as I normally would. Bam.

Can’t use it 😦

Will freeze and use it at a later stage lol

That’s probably the hardest thing about this is it’s SUCH a massive change and I’m loathe to make mistakes and set the healing back.  So it can be frustrating at times.

Anyway, what did I eat?

Scones, home made so I knew what was in them.. Risotto. I needed warm comfort food as it was freezing cold here. This was perfect.. I slow roasted (oops, bringing out the sugars, now I think about it .. doh!) a kumara and some leeks. Blitzed it into a puree and added it to a new batch of stock. Then I made it as per normal and served with grated parmesan and tiny cubes of roasted kumara & rocket leaves .. didn’t even feel like “cleansing” or dieting at that point!

Would have gone nicely with a glass of wine .. shhhhhh Spiller, be good! 😉

Today’s menu was meant to be scones – theory was they’d be my staple breakfast, so yesterday I made a huge batch and froze them in single serves ready to thaw and bake. Lunch was going to be leftover risotto. And dinner vege soup .. I really dislike soup without bread, so planned to have a scone with it .. But then mid morning I checked the packet of King’s soup mix that I use as a base for vege soup. It has sugar in it..

Moved to plan B. Make a different type of soup or maybe witch to another item on my menu .. Maybe filo parcels of smoky paprika coated onions, pumpkin and feta.  With a rocket salad on the side. Yum!

Nothing can be simple tho – I broke a tooth this morning and so instead of having risotto for lunch I had an emergency repair job and the warning not to eat anything hard or crunchy ie apples, toast, salads, til it’s been permanently fixed. Not going to be an issue for me, really is it 😉

But it has meant I am changing my dinner plans.  Tonight I have pumpkin soup bubbling on the stove. Will eat that and then think about tomorrow, tomorrow. I’m feeling so dreadful it’s hard to even type. Oddly, both days since starting this cleanse I’ve laid down and napped in the lounge, for 2-3 hours. And slept well during the night .. something strange going on there.

Could be a bit of a flu thing just for added fun as I do have a sore throat and post nasal drip to make the headache and achy body feel even better 😉

I kinda wonder if taking an aspirin when cleansing is good or bad? I will hold out another night and see how the head is tomorrow .. Glad CJ isn’t here so it’s just me alone in a headachey funk cos I’m feeling right snaky!



  1. Hate to think about you going through this alone without CJ there, but watching someone else eat the forbidden food would not help you I guess? Glad you have the new pup as some distraction.


    • hahah that’s right James, in a way it was easier alone as I only had to focus on me (and the mutts!) 🙂


  2. I gave up caffeine a few years ago and it was HARD.
    A headache & aches on joints, I thought I had a flu!
    Drinking lots of water may help as it did for me…


    • Thanks I am drowning myself in cold water with lemon in it 😉


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