Posted by: Joan Spiller | September 9, 2013

Cleansing diet – Day 5

No update for day 3 or 4 cos I was dying and unable to type .. To be fair, I have got a rather nasty cold that hasn’t really helped my case or maybe it has, in that its distracted me?

Whatever, I’d make lemonade but I’m not allowed sugar! 😉

It’s hard to split out the cold symptoms from the cleanse agony but I can report the headache from lack of caffeine has abated – mercifully. It comes and goes as opposed to being a constant pain ..but that may be the cold? Either way, I am trying not to kill anyone but believe me, it’s not always easy!

Day 3 saw a couple of curve balls throw me off a tad.

First being sick, as previously moaned about. Second was my front tooth falling out! It’s a veneer and just fell on out while I was eating my breakfast 2 days ago .. Apparently normal wear and tear over time blah blah. But altogether annoying!

Anyway long story short I got it temporarily fixed and left the dentist with the dire warning of “don’t eat anything hard, til you’ve been to your dentist and had it properly redone” ringing in my ears. There went my dinner plans of a yummy Greek salad. Crunch city! Not allowed .. ¡?*#%!!

Feeling very sorry for myself, I ate some leftover risotto for the remainder of the day and sulked royally in between naps, coughing and sneezing!

I well recall feeling AWFUL last time I did this cleanse but it was just headaches not these added symptoms – I know cos I was working / really busy and that in itself was helpful – no way I’d be capable of working in this state!

Anyway .. Enough of a moan. Day 4 I got up. Baked some scones (refer to day 1) and ate one. Then had a lay down for 3hrs. Then got all motivated to cook something cos I was unable to face risotto again already .. I made a macaroni vegetable cheese dish!

Super cheesy chilli laden cheese sauce – a 50/50 mix of cubed up lightly steamed veges, including silver beet out of my garden and some macaroni elbows.

A possible issue arose – I wanted a crispy topping on it! Normally I’d pile it high with panko (crisp Japanese breadcrumbs) or with Kapiti Garlic ciabatta (blitzed into crumbs) so I foraged in the cupboard, ignoring the bread in the freezer .. inspected my fave crackers, thinking I could do something with those .. no. They have sugar in them *&^%!$@! At this point it’d be so simple to “pretend” a little bread won’t hurt but then I spied a leftover scone on the bench!

Voila. In the blender with some herbs, olive oil and finely minced onion it went .. I scattered it over the top of the pasta veg mixture and baked. Was DELICIOUS! Feeling very smug, I collapsed into bed early and slept as best one can with a stuffy nose and hacking cough.

Day 5 (today) I felt like crud again. Headache on and off. Nose wont stop running. Cough is a nasty one and I’m just plain exhausted.. so have spent the day laying down with my cats and dogs, moping.  Ate one leftover scone from yesterday and will have some macaroni leftovers for dinner. Luckily, I am not phased by eating the same meal over and over .. I have no taste buds at the moment anyway!

I’m hoping that tomorrow I will feel better so I can make a yummy greek inspired (soft!) meal and I’m booked in to go to the dentist the day my cleanse diet finishes. Figured it wouldn’t hurt to have “help” in the form of fear of eating 😉

Oh yeah and on a very exciting note?

The smaller of the rash / spots on my body are drying up, becoming un-itchy and will be invisible within a week, based on previous experience. The nastier big ones (approx. 8 .. yuck!) will take the entire time to go away methinks.. But it’s nice to see progress, helps make this effort worthwhile.

Now if you will excuse me, I think it’s time for my afternoon nap..



  1. Red wine is good for health, isn’t it?
    I wouldn’t give up mine either (^-^)


    • it’s good for everyone’s health around me cos not having it makes me a right wanker lol


  2. I had the exactly same experience (minus cold) when I did detoxing. I used to suffer from the itch and rash, couldn’t go to sleep without a itch relief cream by my side. However, the condition improved dramatically after giving up caffeine & refined suger / carb. Now, I am itch-free even if I don’t use any body lotion. One thing I really like right now is having a long soak in Espom salt bath. The salt is inexpensive and helps my skin spot free as well as a wonder to my hair. It may help your body which is trying hard to adjust to a cleansing diet. Good luck. You are doing the right thing (^-^)


    • I SO will give that a try my Mum used to soak me in epsom salts when I was achy as a kid so I never thought to use it for skin stuff.. thanks!

      I figure it can’t hurt, I remember bathing in oatmeal once, that felt amazing afterwards but didn’t fix the spots lol

      Interesting about the coffee. What about wine??

      I could go without one but both is cruel 😉


  3. We have it here too and it is very nasty. 4 days of feeling utter c…! Good you have managed to stay on the cleanse, I didn’t get started. Good about your spots, not good about the tooth!!


    • Hope you feel better soon, I’m feeling a lot better today. Trying not to overdo it cos I feel good lol. Still haven’t got all my tastes buds back yet but the hacking cough has subsided a lot and altho I know I will sleep well, I think I can make it thru the day without a nap – woot! (Simple pleasures haha)


      • Oh my gosh, what a terrible flu it is, just lays you flat doesn’t it. 10 DAYS later and I still have that revolting cough and runny nose…still needing those naps 🙂 I worked over the weekend and shouldn’t have, I was in bed by 6 each evening knackered. Pleased you are feeling better!!


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