Posted by: Joan Spiller | September 14, 2013

Cleansing diet – Boredom has set in!

I have totally lost track of how long I have been on this detox cleanse thing now lol I started Thursday 5 Sept, it’s now Saturday – you do the math!

Mercifully, the cold that has come along for the ride seems to be on its way out slowly. I say slowly cos it hasn’t quite gone yet .. I still tire really easily, and have a sore throat and nasty cough.. Apparently a normal part of the process. Bring on the day its gone!

I am still sticking to the cleanse rules although I was tested yesterday by a variety of things that took place. It was so tempting to have a nice glass of Shiraz with dinner but I remained firm in my resolve and had water with my rice and veges ..

You may call me “Smugness-personified” 😉

Yesterday was a struggle all round. I am SO bored with my safe / permitted breakfast. I miss coffee in the mornings. I miss wine in the evenings. I miss toast with marmite on it. Tis fair to say I’m bored with ALL my meals.

Partly cos they are all tasteless thanks to the gremlins invading my body but also it’s because they miss so many elements that I enjoy.

I ate my usual scone for brekkie. Had some crackers (home made) and hummus for lunch. Then some garlic rice for tea. Carbs, anyone? LOL it’s hard cos carbs convert to sugar so I do need to be careful but salad with a glued-in-tooth and no mayo? Bleh.

Now I recall why I used to stand crying in the kitchen, last time I did this lol

Tonight I had haloumi cheese and rocket. Just couldn’t taste anything (damn this cold!) so figured go for healthy vs. anything too fancy.

Tomorrow I’m planning to have tofu and vege curry. With coconut milk. So entirely safe from a cleanse angle and hopefully tasty too! Assuming I can taste by then!!

And I’ve decided to stop the cleanse as soon as the last spot has gone. That will hopefully be sooner than 21 days but we shall see ..

Oh and it’s been 10 days, so I am almost half-way there, assuming it takes as long as it did last time.

Wish me luck!



  1. You’re doing great 🙂 I never started ….!


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