Posted by: Joan Spiller | September 14, 2013

My German Shepherd Pup

Abby is 10 weeks old today. A blanket back (predominantly black) long-haired German shepherd from rather good stock – Abby has exceptional grades for the various hereditary ailments that can afflict GSDs.

Many of her siblings are police dogs around the country, so that could explain why she’s already mastered the basic commands of “sit”, “come” and “stop”. I’ve never seen anything like it .. I thought dobes were smart .. she’s a-whole-nother world apart.

And boy is she growing fast!

First Night  (2)

If the feet at 8 weeks are anything to go by, I purchased a black bear, not a dog! The pic above was taken 2 weeks ago, the first night I had her here at home with me.
Love at first sight!

Day 1 - Nap time w Roxy

When I picked her up she was identical in size to Roxy if not a tiny bit smaller, as you can see above. This pic was taken on day 2 of having her here. I just knew Roxy (our rescue / abused mongrel) would love being “big sister” to a new pup. She and Abby are inseparable to the point where already, if they’re apart one pines and paces trying to find the other.

She now is taller and bigger than her. I do hope Roxy enjoys bossing Abby around during this clumsy puppy stage because once she gets her large feet and coordination sorted, she’s going to be unstoppable!

Napier Sept 2013

It’s so funny watching her ears malfunction, one up / one down etc, til they’re properly / permanently up! She’s sharp as a tack, any noise is picked up on as she assesses what she’s meant to do. She is going to make a fabulous guard dog and delightful member of our pack here..


Speaking of which – here’s a pic o the 3 girls having a play on Napier beach. This is one of the first times the dobermann got to spend time with the GSD. She is slowly coming round.. She did the same to Roxy. She’s very much an only-child-princess, is our Remy!


This pic (above) is completely unedited, it just happened to over expose the background and I think it worked great! She was cuddled up beside me on the couch .. shhh 😉


And here she is sound asleep next to Remy the dobermann. As I said already, the dobe is taking her time adjusting to this pesky puppy but I am confident they will get along fine soon enough.

More to come as I sort thru them, right now I have to take Abby outside for “puddle time” before bed!



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  2. She is a fine looking dog. That long hair would be trouble here as there is too much to get tangled up with burrs, etc.


    • James it is going to cause us some headaches here too as it gets soaked in the long grass but then I guess, she only has short legs for now *grin* I am trying to get her used to being brushed. So far she thinks her job is to eat the brush!! 😉


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