Posted by: Joan Spiller | September 15, 2013

28 / 09 / 88 – And so it begins

Am having a stroll down memory lane as we approach CJ’s 25th birthday (how the heck did that happen? Last I checked she was 3yrs old sheesh!) 🙂

Because life is for the living..

My diary says at the top of the page: “Catherine Julia, born 2.07am. Weighing 8lb, 8oz. It goes on to say this:

“So the epidural was magic. No two ways about it. One minute I was in agony, wanting to just cry from sheer exhaustion and pain. Next, I was laying back going “I can do this!”

I well recall that experience, to this day. Of losing all feeling from the chest down. It was slightly surreal.

My lovely doctor had found us an anaesthetist who would do the minimum epi – not the norm at all back then .. I’d heard dreadful tales of a baby with headaches or big dents and bruises from a forceps birth. NOT my baby thank you!

Anyway, my diary continues:

“The anaesthetic wore off around 1.45am – just as I was ready to push – so that was good. Well, I didn’t want to push but the Doc asked me if…

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  1. I’ve got her BD as the 28th of this month. Is that right?


    • Yep, 2 weeks from now she will BE 25 (blimey!)


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