Posted by: Joan Spiller | September 19, 2013

Cleansing Diet – Day 15

Cleansing diets are, by their very definition: dead boring, so this will be my last post about it for the next however long.. I can tell that it’s working, so it’s been worth the initial agony and the current boredom, but I am still looking forward to being able to cook without too much thought again some time soon!

I have come up with some reasonably tasty dishes that fit within the confines of the cleanse rules, I may post about them one day buuuuut it could be more fun to post about the completely vile stuff I made whilst a) having no taste buds thanks to this uber-cold I caught (turns out you can over-garlic hummus when you can’t taste it .. who knew?) and b) not being able to use so many key ingredients ..

Watch this space (or not, if you’re squeamish) 😉




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