Posted by: Joan Spiller | September 26, 2013

Cleansing Diet – Day 22 (Aka – The End!)


Well today is the day I was able to officially (based on the instructions, anyway) break my detox and I’ve yet to do so .. In fact, I am contemplating carrying on but mixing it up a little to make it less tedious.

After dealing to the flu (which knocked me around something chronic, I’m only just feeling OK now 3 weeks on) I must admit, I did find the food thing a bit easier this time.

For all it was booooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg!

Let’s see, there was couscous Tuesday. Yes, I had couscous for all 3 meals as I had made too much and it was just simpler to eat what I had knowing it was “allowed” than to try and think of something new.

There was curry Monday. Rice Sunday. And, well – you get my drift.. it was a bit dull lol but I did it and that’s what matters!

Going back to my “mix it up” comment above, I have a couple of spots that haven’t yet healed 100%, which is different to last time .. so I thought I’d do a detox of each item one at a time for a week at a time and see how that works .. can’t hurt, anyway.

So I’m doing 5 days without dairy at the moment. Dairy was my “could be ok, might not be” product when tested, so I left it in this time cos those morning scones with pesto, cheese and onion would have not been quite as palatable without cheese and butter.. ditto for a variety of things that were 100% OK on this detox, save for the fact they had dairy in them.

It was terribly exciting to be able to have toast at last, today. I rubbed it with garlic then topped it with home-made baked beans. Delish!

And I’ve just made some oatmeal, rhubarb and apple muffins using oil and coconut milk in place of butter and milk. They smell amazing and will make a delicious breakfast meal or snack, if needed.

Next week I think I will go without fungus / mushrooms, the week after eggs, then tomatoes, then yeast again as it’s the big baddie for me.. And I will keep the sugar to a minimum throughout the lot.

And on a somewhat hard to believe note: I’ve decided to drop my regular 3-shot-espresso-every-morning habit. I wont be giving coffee up, per se. I am just going to stop the “omigod I need coffee, I’ve been conscious for 10 minutes” deal. So if I feel like one I will have one. If I’m out somewhere that makes brilliant coffee, I will have one. But no more “must have coffee first” for me.

So there you  have it, I survived.
And so did everyone around me 😉


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