Posted by: Joan Spiller | October 10, 2013

Quick Quiche – Recipe

So many recipes call for an hour of “resting” (the pastry, not you!) as your home made pastry goes into the fridge and blah blah blah but there are times when we just don’t have time to DIY and this quiche came about as a result of needing something portable, delicious – and quick.

I tend to mostly make mine is a large square cake tin – the kind with a removable base. But you can use any dish you prefer. This makes a large quiche, so is ideal for a group (or leftovers!) 

Grease your tin and line with *shop bought savoury short pastry, about 2/3 of the  way up the side of the tin. Chuck it back in the fridge to chill while you prep the rest of the ingredients.

In a large bowl, whisk  5 large eggs and 1c cream. Season to taste, I like lots of pepper and a bit of salt.

As a MINIMUM for a quick and easy quiche, scatter 1c (loosely packed) grated edam cheese in the bottom then scatter one finely diced red onion or 2-3 spring onions (finely chopped).

Pour in the egg cream mixture and bake in a pre heated oven at 200 degs. Turn the temp down to 180 after 10 minutes and cook til set.

BUT like I said this is versatile ..

You can also chuck in bacon (pre cooked and cooled) soft melt in the mouth leeks (also pre cooked and cooled) .. daub in some blue cheese and a big layer of cooled caramelised onions .. any cheese works well .. as do many herbs .. tomato, capsicum, onions, asparagus, chorizo, chicken, salmon, spinach (raw or shredded silverbeet par cooked), pumpkin, mushrooms, thinly sliced potatoes .. do what you like!

The only trick is to lay it in the base of the tin on the pastry then add the egg mix. And don’t have it more than an inch thick or it won’t work. The extra fillings, I mean. I dunno why but it goes .. weird if over filled with ingredients.

It is cooked when there’s no wobbly in the centre but it does tend to continue cooking once out of the oven, so don’t over do it.

CJ’s fave (very old school!) way to eat quiche is with potatoes and coleslaw. Must dredge up some happy memory from way back when she was a toddler because she always asks for it to be served that way ..



*Shop bought frozen pastry is a godsend and I find one of those hideously expensive packets of sheets does 3 quiches so if you work it out per meal it isn’t so bad. 


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