Posted by: Joan Spiller | November 21, 2013

Procrastination level: Expert

I’m finally fully prepared to paint my bedroom. I’ve been given drop cloths (thanks Kaye!), purchased the brushes and trays and rollers [and other assorted things I didn’t know existed!] As well, I’ve rec’d tons of tips & hints on how to do it and have finally wo-manned up and purchased some paint.

I have commitment issues, so picking the paint colour was scary! AND I have extreme anxiety about actually opening the paint and sloshing it around the room ..

Which is why I thought I’d tell you about my walk yesterday, instead of actually painting 😉 You see I decided to take the dogs for a walk down to the lake, it was such a stinking hot day yesterday and they’d been super good while I did a heap of gardening so I thought a reward was in order (I was also putting off painting, but shhhh … )

And for some reason I decided to take the goat babies with me which turned the walk into quite a gorgeously entertaining adventure .. they’re reasonably unafraid of the dogs and the dogs tend to leave them alone (except for a never-ending obsession with bum sniffing that I try not to think about too much)

So we made our way across the paddocks, stopping to say hi to Archie and Bella along the way. We must have made quite the picture, 1 cat (who also came along for the stroll til we got to the water and she bailed!) 2 dogs and 3 goats all trotting along happily at my ankles.

OH the excitement as new pastures and trees to maul were discovered. The kids just ran from here to there in a complete state of delight as they found willows and blackberry bushes and all sorts of new stuff to scoff.

The dogs had their usual splashy fun in the lake, including a somewhat nerve-wracking time when Abby swam across to the island and then wasn’t entirely sure she knew how to come back to me. I was toying with having to swim across (amid the eels, rats and who knows what other horrors!) but mercifully she figured it out and swam her way back to me.

It was a really pleasant hour long stroll (with lots of sitting down and watching the animals) in the sunshine and made me think how fortunate I am to be living here in such a beautiful spot.

Right, it’s now just gone 9am. I am going to go and maybe open the paint can and think about painting .. or maybe I could walk the kids again? 😉

PS here’s a pic of the kids tripping across the planks that connect the north end of the lake to the main paddock, I admit to feeling a little vulnerable as they nudged and jostled behind me, the water (covered in green mossy glop) would have made for a soft but rather icky landing!




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  2. Nice cool looking spot, but what color is the bedroom going to be?


    • White, boring old white lol I can dress the room up with furnishings this way and change as and when I want to! Way simpler 😉


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