Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 8, 2014

Seed saving – Heirloom tomatoes

Most of you will recall my excitement when I planted some seedless (er, howzat?) giant tomato seeds last October. Patiently *snort* I watered and waited and waited and waaaaaaaaaaaited for them to turn into anything more than lil green sprouts.

They lived dangerously on my windowsill in the kitchen.

Scattered in potting mix in old egg cartons (was on a recycle buzz and come on: the price of those seed trays in shops is plain silly when these did the job perfectly) Why dangerously?

Because the cats thought I’d become an even better cat-slave by supplying them a dirt-box on the damn windowsill. Luckily only 1 mishap occured and it was actually the spaghetti squash that got peed into oblivion.. And heck who likes punkin anyway? 😉 IMG_3046 Mould city – gross! This is 8 days after I cut the tomato open, scooped the innards out, sloshed a bit of water over the seeds, covered them and left them in the corner of the kitchen to do their thing .. IMG_3048 It actually isn’t as easy as the website said, to extract the mould from the seeds and “glop”. Next time, I would spend a bit more time isolating the seeds from the tomato “bits” before letting them sit .. IMG_3055 Instinct told me to use foil or wax paper, paper towels would have gone to moosh and consumed the “seeds” in the process.   IMG_3058 Rinse, prod, rinse and rinse again! IMG_3059 Sodden, rinsed of all glop, mould and – anything. You do need a bit of patience for this step .. IMG_3060 I weighted the paper with some kitchen equipment, threw the lot in the hot water cupboard and ignored them for 10 more days .. IMG_3265 And those are the result! (Above) Will they make me tomatoes next Summer? Watch this space, but I HOPE so! Cos they were amazing. Big “meaty” tomatoes with little liquid in them meaning they were amazing eating ..

For now though? I will pack these babies up in plain brown paper and label them to bring out in October and plant .. Bring on Summer!


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