Posted by: Joan Spiller | July 7, 2014

Beetroot risotto – Recipe

I made this recently, based on an idea i.e. no recipe (and not really sure it would fly) but omigosh it did! It not only looked stunning, it tasted awesome – love when that happens! Kaye, you’re partly to ‘blame’! When you read this, you will see how you inspired me 🙂

It’s going to sound complicated (which irks me as I like to think I am a simpleton, er simple cook) but it is really simple! Let’s break it into sections, that will help:

Section 1: Making risotto

Section 2: Preparing the “flavour” of the risotto

Section 3: Garnishing the risotto before you serve ..

I am going to assume you’re either a whiz at making risotto or have read the “how to make risotto” post I did recently .. and focus on the flavour and presentation of this dish.

So, this recipe requires beetroot stock and a beetroot addition that has no name, lol

Beetroot stock is easy: This falls under “Making risotto.

In this case all I did was use the peelings of 6 beetroot after I’d made a beetroot tart .. (Obviously I washed them first) and boiled them in 2L cold water with an onion (didn’t peel that – skins add colour) a cpl cloves of garlic (also unpeeled, as you strain the stock out) and some peppercorns. Stock: Done!

Beetroot “addition” (I do need to come up with a name lol) is what I am calling section 2 ie the flavour bit!

It’s simply 2c (loosely packed, when raw) peeled & grated beetroot, cooked on a low heat in a little olive oil with salt, pepper and 1 red onion (diced finely). Once soft, add some pomegranate molasses (not as flash as it sounds, buy it in most foodie shops) but if not available – add a couple of T of prune juice or grenadine. (Kaye, are you getting the inspiration yet?) 😉

So now you have your stock and your flavour, you can make the risotto using the strained beetroot stock.

Once it’s ready, grate in the parmesan cheese and then dump in the grated beetroot “addition” mixture.

Stir well (to heat the beetroot mix) and add in some finely shredded mint (6 large leaves is great) stir again, then ladle into pre-heated bowls.

Scatter some feta, the pomegranate seeds and some mint on top .. drizzle with good olive oil, salt and fresh ground black pepper then serve (and scoff) ..

It was such a delicious surprise and one I will be making often, cos it was so striking to serve and delicious to eat!

Additional ingredients needed:

Feta (to garnish) – I used goat feta but you could use any that you like! I would suggest approx. 25g per person  / serve
Mint leaves – I used a good 8-10 large leaves
A big handful of pomegranate seeds*
Olive oil, salt & pepper – to taste



*These are one of those ingredients that make most people roll their eyes and go “oh sure, I will just pop to the garden and get some ..” however they are quite lovely in many dishes, so if you see them on special (PaknSlave did an “oops purchase” last year and hocked them off for $1 each, I bought and froze a heap!) get them cos now and then they’re rather good – and so not the poofy silly thing you’d think!



  1. Beautiful colours. A bit of work involved to make. Anything with beetroot in is worth it.


    • It annoys me that it seems fiddly that recipe cos it wasn’t but then again I already had the stock made and in the freezer and I already had the beetroot mix made up as it’s actually a dip base .. so yes a bit of work *grin*


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