Posted by: Joan Spiller | August 2, 2014

Challenge: Accepted!

Please check out a new blog I’ve started. A wee challenge has been set down and I’ve decided to give it a go. Wish me luck! 😉

A Keen Cook's Kitchen Nightmare

“How long could you go without grocery shopping?” a friend asked, as we gazed into my fridge while prepping dinner 3 nights ago. And he got me thinking how long might my supplies last before I’d be forced to hit the supermarket?

Many of you will know that I’m a bit of a food hoarder from way back! In my defence  ..*grins* it’s cos I love to be able to cook anything, whenever the mood takes me .. hence the love of a well stocked pantry. I also do not know how to cook for one (as a terminally single person, this poses all manner of issues – as you can well imagine) and I dislike waste, therefore my freezer is always loaded up with leftovers.


The only time my fridge wasn’t well stocked is when I lived across from Moore Wilson’s, in Wellington. I would pop in there on my way home and buy fresh things for each meal, it was lovely – if a…

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