Posted by: Joan Spiller | August 3, 2014

Er, how much oil will $5 buy me?

Get the good oil here!

A Keen Cook's Kitchen Nightmare

Excite! I found 3 tubs of leftover risotto in the freezer: Arancini had to be on my menu this week!

I went to the pantry to check if I had the other ingredients required. I knew eggs would be no problem, thanks to my very diligent chooks .. I always have panko crumbs & flour on hand, so it was looking pretty promising..

Imagine my dismay then, when I saw this next to the stove?


Yes, there is less than 1cm of oil in the bottom of it! And considering arancini are deep-fried, I was .. unimpressed, to say the least!

A quick fossick around and I located a few other oils I love to use..While I would never deep fry in it (bathe, yes. Drink – totally. It’s my fave EVOO, ever), I have 4L of Village Press olive oil. I also have walnut, avocado and sesame oils.

Not much use to me for deep-frying risotto balls…

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