Posted by: Joan Spiller | August 9, 2014

Doesn’t everyone have 3 freezers?

I do plan to stocktake them .. soon. Winter is not a nice time to clean out / go thru’ freezers tho lol

A Keen Cook's Kitchen Nightmare

Someone asked today if they could see the contents of my freezer (singular). I had to admit to having 3. BUT 1 of them is the little one under the fridge if that helps any? *grin*

The other two are a large stand-up beastie boy and a chest freezer that contains lord ONLY knows cos anything that you put in it drops to some great icy depth.. never to be seen again!


Actually it isn’t all bad, I do have a  (of sorts) system for using my freezers:

The smaller one under the fridge contains things I tend to use often. So in there you will find root ginger, chillies, garlic, tomato off-cuts (for making pasta sauce) and stock ingredients. Ice cubes. Frozen berries, peas, and – OK I will need to go look before I can continue with that list..  but you probably get the idea..

The chest freezer contains bulk goods…

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