Posted by: Joan Spiller | August 23, 2014

Grocery shopping, I think depression is sinking in

Check this out 🙂

A Keen Cook's Kitchen Nightmare

I spent $4.03 this week (remember my deficit from last week?) So I got myself some milk and a (price reduced) red capsicum.. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted so much more .. but I stuck to my guns / the rules.. I DIDN’T WANNA, THO!

And Countdown didn’t make it simple for me either, with an assortment of goodies designed (and marked down!) to tempt.. *grumble* Had I been shopping “normally”, I would have bought legs of lamb, cheeses and all manner of goodies!


I am toying with making coffee beans a “non grocery item”, same as pet food, toiletries / loo paper, etc but I suspect this is cheating?
*whimpers some more*

I am going to be desperate in approx. 5 days as the cheaper beans I bought last week taste like CRAP – I am actually surprised .. they were all of $1 cheaper.. but omg so…

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