Posted by: Joan Spiller | August 15, 2015

A rather horrid time of it ..

As I write this, I’m sequestered in a beautiful & warm home well away from the horrors that have besieged me (and my house!) of late. Yes, I’ve run away from home, no I am not 8 years old lol 

I reckon I could be forgiven for gapping it though.

An hour before I ran away er, came away for a weekend in the city, raw sewage was spewing forth (sounds better than “shit & toilet paper visibly creeping its way across the ground”, right?), it was raining (duh, it always rains!) the roof was leaking / the ceiling crumbling in my living room, my black goat Sam was hurling himself at the gate of the pen he was in / screaming bloody murder at the injustice of being safe.

And to top it off (in one day, no less) my coffee machine blew up in grand style (hiss & roar + puff of smoke, sort of thing)

There’s actually more – but I will leave it there, for fear this simply sounds like a moan..

Oh wait – maybe that’s what it is!? Ugh .. I hate people who moan and whinge all the time, now I are one? 


For all I try to jest .. this has truly been a horrible year for me.

Between seemingly endless car problems (my car hit the +100k miles mark – apparently I’ve now got a new engine / tyres etc after all the work I’ve had done on it .. let’s hope this means it lasts a few more years and justifies its $4000 cost, in 6 months?) and the myriad house problems, I’ll confess, there have been days it’s been hard to be .. happy.

Add in the very worst thing possible: my kind, gentle, amazing granddad dying last month – I admit to feeling kinda broken..

Blog PicGranddad R

Someone said to me last week “you need to focus on the good thing in your life”. And sure, I have a lot more to be thankful for than many  .. however, on that same day, I rounded the corner to my property in time to see my gorgeous goat Billy get hit by a 4WD @high speed .. and killed. Obviously.

He’s never gotten out before, his one and only time: he paid the ultimate price..


I confess, I don’t really know where this post is going, maybe it’s a download in the hopes of better times ahead? Maybe it’s just a whinge..

Whatever it is, I sure as hell hope things change soon, cos tis fair to say the tether is visible and I can’t see anything beyond it.


It’s get better, soon – yeah?



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  4. I hate to see you going through so much right now. We all have our times to whine and complain and from what you describe, your time is here. I’ve been thinking about you and losing Russell. Things have a way of all coming to a head at the same time. Wish I were there to help you through it all.

    We leave for CO Monday and trying to get things in shape to leave here. Wish you could see it with us. Love you Joan

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  5. Sweetie, you have every right to moan, complain, cry and everything else that you’re fighting. You can’t keep it bottled up inside, or you’ll end up being the human version of that coffee maker. So let the ones who love you (me, included) help you through this. ❤ I'm so sorry for everything you've been going through. 😥

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