Posted by: Joan Spiller | August 29, 2015

Feeling: Thankful

Without wishing to wax too-oo lyrical (i.e.: make a total berk of myself) I would like to go on a bit about how lucky I feel, to have such a fantastic brother and some very good friends, to boot!

Richard (that would be the brother) has just spent the last 24 hours here labouring on the funny farm, quietly doing what he does so well: sorting stuff out.

The good friends (In this instance: Bernie & Donna) turned up yesterday afternoon with a trailer full of dry firewood from their own supply, after hearing I had run out.

AND they fixed the gate from hell, while here. That in itself is note-worthy, CJ and I hate our gate lol

So yesterday .. 

Started out like any other day except .. not really ..

First cool thing was that Tim, CJ’s fiancee decided to check on the roof since he was home sick, from work. I am thankful he did as he found a whole pile of nails without washers, which explains why the roof kept leaking in all this rain we have been having. (He’d previously fixed the leaking “skirt” around the chimney)

Second cool thing was the cavalry arriving, in the form of my oh-so-clever big bruvver. Car laden with tools and “stuff”, Richard set to assessing the major problems about the place and then spent many, many hours fixing them all.

There are actually no words to describe how good it feels to be listening to the rain (I. HATE. RAIN) knowing it is going into the tank for our Summer water consumption as opposed to under the house causing damage, by way of leaky pipes.

Nor can I tell you how incredible it feels to know that the rain that is slamming into the house as I type, is not likely to be coming thru’ the roof and into the already water damaged ceilings.

It’s .. AMAZING.

I think the brother was quite hopeful of getting home at a reasonable hour today, alas – I had other plans 😉 HECK I had a handy-man about, who would let that go easily?? NOT me!

While here, Richard made and installed a shelf for me in the laundry, he set up my portable strawberry garden, he (obviously!) fixed all the plumbing / roof / spouting issues. He made a new gateway for my cows to go thru to the 2nd paddock (after I witnessed them sinking belly-deep in the mud to go from one to tuther, last week!) He fixed my trough.. (For many months now, I’ve manually filled the trough .. not any more, it’s fixed & doing what it should.)

He did so much and I can never repay him for what he did, but I hope he knows how thankful I am.

To my incredible / generous friends, Donna & Bernie – a slab of cake and some sausage rolls seem a lousy exchange for the warm house you’ve guaranteed me for this next few weeks. Thank you.

I have the doors open to every room, the fire is blazing and although it feels “wicked” to be so extravagant, I know you’re both right – this is what has to be done for the house to dry out .. and I am incredibly thankful to have you two ladies on my side.

Where would I be without these, and other wonderful friends?
In the loony bin, methinks!? 

Oh and a wee shout out to 2 other lovely ladies who listen to me bang on daily about the rain, the mess, the leaks, the .. everything.

Kimmie and Bernadatte,  you’re just both so awesome and I am very thankful to have you listening, lamenting along with me and being my friend.

It’s fair to say that this year I have, at various times, struggled to find things to be thankful for, Cindy – you have helped me in how I approach this .. as have other friends, some new, some old (some old & returned! erm Mary I am not calling you old, I mean we’ve known each other since dirt was aro.. oh that’s not helping?)

Whatever, ALL of you help make up the good things in my life and so it is that tonight I can say, hand on heart:


In my case – a wonderful assortment of friends and family.
And to all of you I say a very, very heartfelt thanks.




  1. LOL *OLD AND RETURNED*???? You’re lucky I love you. At the very least, you’re lucky I’m all the way in Texas and can’t reach you. Yet. 😉 Joan, I will always be there for you as much as I can with so many miles between us. ❤ That's a promise for life. I'm so happy things are looking up for you!!! So…. um, there was mention of cake and sausage rolls? 😉


  2. So glad you are surrounded by friends there that care about you. I worried about you at times and wished I were younger and able to come help. Now I can know you are in good hands. Thanks for this one, James


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