Posted by: Joan Spiller | October 5, 2015

Unassuming toasted sammies – Recipe

So named by my last, lovely wwoofer, Matt – these are something I’ve made for years but they had no name – ’til now! Below is one I made today .. they are different every time (perhaps part of their charm?) Better tho? They taste amazing!!

Imagine a pizza meets your fave toasted sandwich and go from there ..


(Pic is pre toasted) 

They’re simple to make in that you can throw whatever you have into it, however MY preference is to:

1. Schmear some sour cream on both sides of your bread (Can omit but it does make it so good!)

2. Spread a little olive tapenade* atop the bread and sour cream (if there was spring onions in the sour cream that wouldn’t go amiss!)

3. Scatter the buns with finely diced onion, red capsicum, fresh or sun dried tomato, spinach leaves, jalapenos, salami, caramelised onions, blue cheese .. anything you like basically.

4. Season well.

5. Pop under the grill or in a sandwich press and bake ’til the cheese melts..
(I am wicked & drizzle oil over the bread to ensure a crusty toasty finish)

That’s pretty much it .. you can use bread (heavy / whole grain is better than white in my xp) or a good ciabatta or sour dough bun .. it’s the beauty of this meal = everything works!


*You could use a tomato relish if you prefer but I adore olives and Matt the wwoofer couldn’t decide which he preferred!



  1. Great sandwich! I could woof one up right now. Cheers


  2. Do you know the nutrition facts on these, by chance? They look great!


    • Sorry, no not my thing but thanks for the comment!


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