Posted by: Joan Spiller | December 5, 2015

Call me the minimalist (for now, anyway)

I can only imagine how hard a real (i.e.: bad) house fire is to deal with cos tis fair to say I am finding this kitchen disaster hard work! Spending a week living in a soot coated house was.. unpleasant. I found my breathing got worse with each day, my eyes were gritty and I coughed .. constantly.

The day after the fire I cleaned my bedroom from top to bottom, so the animals and I had a safe place to sleep but yea, it was clearly not enough.. I’ve just come back from 2 days in Wellington where it was so nice to be able to breathe freely! 

While I was away, cleaners took over the house. Their job? To remove soot / ash from walls, sills & ceilings. Not sure I’d rate them more than a 5.5 out of 10 but it is better than it was, so that’s something, I guess.

And so it is I am now (Just after 7pm Saturday) sitting in my “office” at a bare desk, with nothing in the room except for the printer, my deep freeze and router. If I look out into the living room, there’s an assortment of dogs asleep, an empty coffee table, a couch and a bookcase. In my kitchen there is nothing but the fridge, burnt out stove (ground zero) and the cat food on the windowsill.

Cos everything I own is crammed into 2 bedrooms and the shipping container, having been painstakingly cleaned by me, prior to the cleaners coming in. I do not wish to sound irritable but OMG I am over it, lol

Lucky I don’t DO Xmas / host Xmas or I would be a complete write off by now LOL As it is, I can handle a tomato sammie on Xmas day so long as I have my dogs, magpie, rat, cats, hens & ducks around me .. well, maybe not around me .. but around 😉

My spare room doubling as my office, kitchen and .. assorted..
 My pantry shelves..

The wwoofer room, can’t even host wwoofers as they’ve nowhere to sleep and I can’t cook for them! Grr!

On a plus note .. erm, hang on, gimme a minute to think of something ..
(Go look at someone else’s blog, I may need more than a minute!)


  1. I tried to find “Minimalist” in the dictionary and it says there is no such word(G). I hope I never have to go through another house fire. Father-in-law and I were awakened one night when flames from a fire in an adjoining room broke the glass out of the upper half of the shut door and we only got out with the long handles we were wearing and lost everything else. The fire started in a potbellied wood stove in the adjoining room and the uninsulated old pine wood house went up with everything we had and the furniture that was there. We had to drive all the way back home(some 300 miles) in our insulated underwear. No fun for sure! The old farm house was where we stayed on the deer lease we had in west Texas.

    I hope you are recovering and all the zoo are OK?

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