Posted by: Joan Spiller | December 20, 2016

Mars bar cheesecake – Recipe

This recipe dates back to one of the best jobs I ever had, with the coolest people ever! Twice. The 1st time was 23 years ago in Akld, with some incredible friends / colleagues. The 2nd, with some lovely colleagues in Welly. Good food .. good memories!

I’ve updated it since posting originally to make it a little less decadent. But if you wanna up the ante, increase the mars (or moro) bars and use chocolate chip cookies. That’s the basic difference..

No idea of tin size, sorry. I just tend to use a large spring form tin (For ease of removal!)

The ingredients:

6 Mars bars
400g cream cheese – do not use lite, yuck
300 ml cream
5T sweetener (whichever you like to use, be is sugar or stevia or whatever)

200g crushed plain cookies
100g melted butter
1t vanilla ess

The method:

Eat one mars bar – for quality assurance purposes..

Line the tin you’re using, with a square of grease proof paper. Set aside (ideally in the fridge).

Melt butter, add vanilla ess and using your hands (to ensure max. mixage!) mix into the crushed biscuits / cookies, then pack evenly onto the bottom (no sides needed) of the cake tin.

Chill this while you make the filling.

Beat the (best done at room temp) cream cheese and sugar til it’s smooth. I use a wooden spoon but you could use a blender ..

Next fold through the (whipped) cream then throw in the chopped mars bars.

Mix everything together, pile into tin, smooth it over, cover and chill.


Best left for 24-36 hours, to allow the caramel to ooze out of the choc bars, looks gorgeous when it does that – with a marbled effect. But as a minimum, allow it to chill for 8 hours.

To serve:

Place on table, call out it’s ready and stand back! I only JUST managed to get this pic once it was served at work the second time.

Garnish ideas:

Chopped mars bars
Grated dark chocolate
Chocolate dipped strawberries

D) all of the above!



  1. Gained 5 pounds just reading the recipe!


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